Revision – Geography

A student’s Geography teacher should be the first point of contact for advice or support on learning materials that have been covered in class.

We have created a revision timetable to support students’ revision and planning over the coming weeks.

Revision timetable

Students at Mossley Hollins High School follow OCR Geography B (Geography for Enquiring Minds) (9-1).

Please see below knowledge organisers and case study cards to support learning.

Students are also encouraged to use their Revision Guides and CGP question cards. Further resources are also available on Microsoft Teams and we strongly encourage students to utilise GCSEPOD.

Topic Knowledge Organisers:

  • Topic 1: Global Hazards
  • Topic 2: Climate Change
  • Topic 3: Distinctive Landscapes
  • Topic 4: Sustaining Ecosystems
  • Topic 5: Urban Futures
  • Topic 6: Dynamic Development
  • Topic 7: UK in the 21st Century
  • Topic 8: Resource Reliance

Unit 1 Case Study cards

  • Amazonat Ecolodge
  • Antarctic Treaty
  • Big Dry
  • Boscastle
  • Global & UK Effects of Climate Change
  • Haiti earthquake
  • Jurassic Coastline
  • River Tees
  • Union Glacier

Unit 2 Case Study cards

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Lagos
  • Manchester – AC city
  • Manchester – ethnic diversity
  • Resource Reliance – UK Food security
  • Salford Quays – Economic Hub
  • Ukraine – UK’s political role

Knowledge Organisers

Unit 1 Case Study Cards

Unit 2 Case Study Cards

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