School Uniform


Please see the picture below of our uniform expectations, students may choose which combination of uniform they would like to wear.
There is no longer a girls uniform and boys uniform, they are gender neutral.
Each option below is compulsory, but there is a choice of colour/style.

  • MHHS Branded Blazer –  purple or grey
  • Generic Purple Blouse or White Shirt and Tie
  • MHHS Branded Tank Top – purple or grey
  • Generic Grey trousers (charcoal grey is not allowed)

PE kit

We have a new unisex PE kit. The kit includes a MHHS Branded top, shorts and socks, along with tracksuit bottoms and an outdoor waterproof. The top, shorts and socks are compulsory items, whilst the tracksuit bottoms and waterproof are optional but cannot be replaced with other items, therefore if your child wishes to wear tracksuit bottoms or a jacket during their PE lesson they must be MHHS Branded items.

Please be assured that the previous PE kit can still be worn by students in Year 9 and above and if you need to replace any PE items we are allowing a mixture of old and new kit to be worn together. 

The kit consist of:

Compulsory ItemsNon-Compulsory Items*
MHHS Branded Grey or Purple PE topMHHS Branded Waterproof Jacket
MHHS Branded Grey or Purple PE ShortsMHHS Branded Tracksuit Bottoms
MHHS Branded PE socks

While non-compulsory items do not have to be worn they cannot be replaced by other items.


We find many parents ask us about acceptable school footwear. We thought the below information may be useful to you:
Footwear must not resemble trainers and shoes manufactured by sportswear companies will not be allowed. Canvas or leather converse/vans style pumps will not be allowed, nor will any footwear that covers the ankle.   Please be aware that some companies market shoes as school shoes but in fact, they are not acceptable as they have logos and/or trainer like soles. Other shops, such as Clarks have also begun to design their school shoes to look like trainers.  Shoes must be all black including the stitching, sole and trim. Logos of any kind are not acceptable, including Kickers.   If students arrive in school with inappropriate shoes, they will not be permitted into lessons.  Please help to avoid any issues by ensuring that the uniform policy is adhered to.   

Suitable School Shoes

Unsuitable School Shoes

Thank you to all students and parents/carers in advance for your understanding and support.

Uniform Suppliers

Simply Schoolwear

Simply Schoolwear formerly Saddleworth Sports is a family run company, which has been in business in Greenfield for over thirty years.  The Company is an approved supplier of school uniform for Mossley Hollins High School. 

133 Chew Valley Road
Telephone: 01457 872515

Top Marks Schoolwear

You can either shop online or visit your local branch in Ashton. The Company is an approved supplier of school uniform for Mossley Hollins High School.

82 Old Street
Telephone: 0161 343 2900

School Uniform Recycling

Huddersfield Road, Mossley,
Ashton-Under-Lyne OL5 9DP
T: 01457 832491