Media Studies

An Insight to the Industry!

The new AQA Media Studies course is launching from September 2017 and is designed to be a comprehensive look into the inner workings of media industries. Students will be expected to take on a range of study cases ranging from film and TV to music and print. Understanding of the nature of construction of products, representation of reality and how audiences can be targeted and manipulated are exciting elements of the course of study.

Along the way to the examinations, students will be constructing their own media pieces so as to experience the pressures and strictures of industry standards for themselves; a great opportunity to be creative!

The new AQA Media Studies specification will be available for students from September 2017.

Currently, Year 11 are studying the final run of AQA’s existing specification – a highly regarded qualification. They will be polishing their coursework pieces over the first term and then taking on the very exciting exam study topic of TV Sitcoms…we should be seeing some highly creative and inventive ideas by the time the GCSE Exams come around in May when these students will be creating and explaining their own TV Sitcom based on their studies!

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