The Mossley and Carrbrook Schools’ Partnership (MCSP)

The Mossley & Carrbrook Schools’ Partnership (MCSP) of primary schools and Mossley Hollins High School is a unique collaboration between all the schools in local area.  The inception of the partnership began in 2013 and it had two distinct aims:

  1. To ensure that the leaders of each school worked together to guarantee that every school in the area was at least good in terms of its educational provision from ages 3-16;
  2. To ensure that the schools, the staff in the schools and the students in the schools worked and engaged in activities together where this was for the good of the town and village.

Both aims have guided the remarkable work that the schools have done together since. The membership is as follows:

  • Livingstone
  • Micklehurst All Saints
  • Milton St John
  • Mossley Hollins High School
  • St George’s
  • St Joseph’s

The partnership works together on a remarkable range of educational and enrichment opportunities for both students and staff.  The leadership of the MCSP is chaired by the Headteacher at Mossley Hollins High School. The headteacher of each school is a leading member of the partnership, the other leading member is the a Senior Leader  at Mossley Hollins High School.

The school has a current focus on very distinctive priorities in our MCSP Improvement Plan, which underwent a highly successful end of year one review of its priorities, plans and impact in May-June 2023. There is a great deal of good news about the huge range of joint activities being undertaken and the benefits they are bringing to each school, the community as a whole and to pupil outcomes.

The MCSP offers the children and staff of Mossley and Carrbrook so many educational opportunities, a few of which are listed below:

  • MCSP JOINT WORK ON ATTENDANCE – there is no more important measure of a child’s success at school than 100% attendance which is why the schools operate a common approach to attendance monitoring and intervention work with families
  • SCHOOL-TO-SCHOOL PEER REVIEW – judging and improving the quality of provision across the sector and between the schools. Two recent examples have been a look at improving the teaching of reading at ‘beyond the expected level’ and a focus by our primary experts at the quality of MHHS Year 7 provision.
  • MCSP BRASS BAND – players from each school are taught a brass instrument and the junior band comes together to perform, often accompanied by the senior brass band
  • MCSP MUSICAL EVENING – involving ensembles, the brass bands and choral singing
  • THE JUNIOR AWARD SCHEME (a mini-Duke of Edinburgh for Years 5-8)
  • HOT MATHEMATICS – for the most able mathematicians in each of the partner schools, taught at a very high level by a specialist mathematician at Mossley Hollins
  • MCSP SPANISH –  depending on the primary school, from years 3-6 students from the primary schools are taught Spanish each week by specialist Modern Languages teachers from Mossley Hollins
  • TEACHER TRAINING IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION from the specialists and coaches commissioned by Mossley Hollins
  • MCSP STAFF DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING HUBS in special needs, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, the Arts and Sport

The list above offers a mere taste of the work being done together.

If you wish any further information please do not hesitate to contact us:

Mrs D Webster, Senior Leader at Mossley Hollins High School –

Huddersfield Road, Mossley,
Ashton-Under-Lyne OL5 9DP
T: 01457 832491