The Library

Welcome to Mossley Hollins Library. Our library area is currently under development and is situated on the first level of the school. The Library is a quiet place to read and study, and we’re here to help you find great books to read.

The Library aims to be:

  • A calm, creative and inspiring learning space
  • A place to work in peace
  • A place to prepare for the school day ahead
  • A place to read for pleasure
  • A place where our students are supported in their reading skills and development

Opening Times

The Library is open Monday – Friday:

  • Break: 10.45am – 11.10am
  • Lunch: 1.15pm – 1.55pm (12.35pm – 1.15pm Mondays)
  • After School:  3pm-4pm Monday-Thursday closed Fridays

Book Borrowing

Students can borrow two books at once. They can be borrowed for three weeks and can be renewed twice before they need to be returned.

Ask the Librarian

We are here to help! You can ask for help with:

  • Choosing something new to read
  • Finding books on the shelves
  • Requesting new books
  • Sourcing books we don’t have
  • Using the Library catalogue

The Library is a space for quiet study and reading. It is important that students use the library with consideration for others:

  • Quiet voices only
  • No computer games
  • No food or drink
  • Keep the Library tidy
  • Do not remove books without getting them stamped.

Recommended Websites

There are also lots of great resources on the internet that can help. Why not check some of these out:

General Book Recommendations up to three authors you like, and the AI will come up with some recommendations for you! an author that you like and the Literature map will show you which other authors you might like. The closer to your original choice on the map, the more likely you are to enjoy them.  Another AI which comes up with suggested books for you, based on the ones you enter into the search.  Select your age range, and the type of book you like, and get some great suggestions.  Easy to use, comes up with some good suggestions for similar books and authors.  

Young Adult Book Sites  Loads of great lists, quizzes and charts to help you find something you will love.  All the latest YA releases and discussion from Penguin Books. of reviews of YA books, a great place to explore something new. A great website to explore all things Manga, Graphic Novels and Comics. You can search by age and by genre, or just explore! things Fantasy YA  

Eleven Places to find free (or very cheap) reads

  1. School Library – we have lots of great books for you to read, all for free! Remember you can borrow two books at once for up to three weeks.
  1. Local Libraries – join your local library – it is quick and easy to do, and they have a HUGE selection. If you can’t find what you are looking for, they can usually search all the libraries in Greater Manchester to track it down. They also have a massive selection of ebooks, audiobooks and magazines available.
  1. Free ebooks – There are loads of sites that provide free ebooks. Most of the older classics are available for free, and there are quite a lot of modern books available too. Check out this list of sites for some options. Comics and graphic novels can also be found for free – check out this list for some ideas.
  1. Borrow from your friends – Share your favourites with your friends, and ask them if you can borrow their recommendations as well. Or hold a book swap!
  1. Community ‘libraries’ – Little community libraries are springing up everywhere!
  1. These are small collections of books which encourage you to ‘take a book and leave a book’ for free. You can often find them in train stations, village halls and waiting rooms.
  1. Sign up for book reviewing – Publishers need positive reviews! So they will often send out ARCs (Advance Review Copies) in the hopes of creating a buzz before a book is released. There are a few sites where you can find these ARCs – a good one to try is LoveReading4kids
  1. Book swap websites – You can swap your books online at BookMooch or BookSwap. They are not completely free, as you have to pay postage, but you may find something great that’s cheaper than elsewhere. Plus swapping books is good for the environment!
  1. Charity shops – Often have a good selection of very cheap books. Look out for charity stands in supermarkets and waiting rooms as well.
  1. Secondhand bookshops – A great place to find books that are out of print or that are harder to find elsewhere. Not free, of course, but usually quite reasonably priced. If there isn’t a good secondhand shop near you, you could try ABEbooks which is an online marketplace for secondhand sellers.
  1. Ebay – Has an incredible number of books. You can find pretty much anything on there, for next to nothing.

The School Library catalogue can be accessed by logging into Access It, you can search for titles, see our latest additions and reserve books, HERE

Our Academic Reading Challenge starts from 20th November and runs for the full academic year. There is an Academic Reading list for each year group and we  have chosen a selection of modern  classic and  award-winning fiction, informative and interesting  nonfiction that  support the curriculum and enrich the readers repertoire . They have  been chosen to tempt both our avid readers and our most reluctant readers with varying  difficulty in texts that increase in complexity through each year group to provide challenge and  to improve levels of comprehension.

Our students can read and review 2 books from the Academic Reading Challenge list to earn a bronze badge, read and review 3 books to earn a silver badge and read and review 4 books to earn a gold badge.

Tips to help you succeed ; set a goal to read a certain number of pages a day,  team up with a friend to read at the same time, put your phone away whilst you read so you don’t get distracted. But most of all enjoy!

Academic Challenge Reading Lists-

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T: 01457 832491