Reading and Vocabulary Development : Literacy and Phonics

Power of Language Strategy

Reading and vocabulary for purpose and pleasure to close the reading and vocabulary gaps.

This page will help you understand how Mossley Hollins High School supports students to develop their reading skills and vocabulary knowledge.

’Our pupils’ success will be defined by their ability to read fluently and skilfully.’’

Alex Quigley, Closing the Reading Gap

At Mossley Hollins High School we have developed a whole strategy called the Power of Language Strategy (POLS) that is dedicated to improving reading and vocabulary knowledge and skills for all students. 

At our school we very much pride ourselves in providing all students with opportunities to increase their knowledge of vocabulary and improve their reading skills across the curriculum. This means that every single teacher dedicates teaching and learning time to increasing pupils’ vocabulary knowledge through the explicit teaching of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary and by taking a strategic approach to the teaching of reading in all lessons. This is strand 2 (R2) of the POLS strategy.

Some children need extra support with reading and vocabulary, beyond what is provided in the classroom, and at Mossley Hollins High School strand 4 (R4) of the POLS strategy is devoted to this endeavour. In 2022 the school introduced two new reading development programmes called Lexonik- Advance and Lexonik – Leap.

Lexonik Advance

Lexonik Advance has been independently reviewed by Northumbria University and the National Literacy Trust and has been proven to make immediate, sustainable and significant progress for students. Research suggests that six weekly one hour sessions of Lexonik Advance can improve a student’s reading age by as much as 27 months. At Mossley Hollins High School, we offer Lexonik Advance to students who have a standardised reading age below that of their chronological age. Lessons take place once per week for six weeks.

Lexonik Leap

Lexonik Leap effectively resolves phonics gaps for learners who find literacy particularly challenging and those for whom English is not their first language, rapidly progressing reading, spelling and oracy. Based on an initial diagnostic assessment, the programme can be adapted to allow for an individualised learning pathway, meaning the duration of the programme is dictated by the level of need.

You are welcome to contact us at any point to discuss your son or daughter’s progress in literacy. Please feel free to make the most of parents’ evenings and other events to talk to Mrs Doodson (middle POLS leader), Miss Upton (senior POLS leader) or Ms Armfield (POLS manager).

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