Our Vision and Values

School Aims & Values*

The Tame River Education Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust whose mission is to challenge educational and social disadvantage by establishing great schools in which to learn, teach and belong, and which promote learning, develop character, value diversity and build cultural capital.

Our Aims

Our school has a modern, rigorous focus on Teaching and Learning.   Our policy and practice motivate children to enjoy the challenge of learning.   We concentrate on individual pupils and the progress each makes, with the belief that all children will be successful regardless of their starting points.  Our focus is on learning and hard work.    We prize academic, sporting, artistic, personal, moral and social achievement.  We enjoy and celebrate our own and others’ success.  Teachers and pupils enjoy each other’s company.   Parents, Governors and the community are valued and engaged.   Relationships between all partners are strong. Our school enjoys doing things together.

Our Values – We Value:

Manners   We treat every person as we would want to be treated   We are respectful, polite and courteous at all times   We are considerate towards our environment and we look after our community   We help others at all timesHard Work   We never give up   We remain positive so that we have the strength to persevere with even the hardest work   We do what it takes, for as long as it takesHonesty   We are true to ourselves and others and we do not make excuses   We look to ourselves to see what needs to be done
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