Co Curricular / Electives

The Co-Curriculum at Mossley Hollins

At Mossley Hollins we value the development of positive character traits as much as we value academic development.

Our co-curricular programme has developed to now include a vast number of clubs and activities.

The increased number and wider diversity of enrichment activities enable all students to participate in the programme.

Every faculty offers enrichment experiences many of which are new to the programme. We are proud that all new staff since September 2021 offer an activity as part of the programme.

Our elective programme was introduced in 2022 and is a programme for all year 7 students. This is a great example of what makes Mossley Hollins different in a hugely positive way to most other schools. Every year 7 student before starting at Mossley Hollins elects for an activity to participate in after school for one hour each Monday afternoon from 3.00pm – 4.00pm. The choice is wide and varied from 3 broad areas which are niche sports, performing arts and outdoor education. We very much hope that having participated in a weekly activity our year 7 students will continue with this beyond year 7.

Co-Curricular Clubs 2022-23

Co-Curricular ClubsDayWhenWhereFrequencyYear Groups
Advanced Maths ClubWednesdayLunchtime3.04Weekly10 and 11
Astronomy ClubThursday3pm - 3.45pm3.09Blue week9 and 10
Card / Board Games ClubFridayLunchtimeL.02WeeklyAll
Chamber ChoirThursdayForm TimeG.02WeeklyAll
Chess / Board Game and Vintage Comics ClubFridayLunchtimeBronte HBWeekly7 and 8
Cookery ClubTuesday3.10pm - 4.30pm4.05Red Week7
Debate ClubThursdayLunchtime2.05Weekly7, 8 and 9
Design & Make ClubTuesday3 - 4pm4.03Weekly8
Dungeons & Dragons ClubTuesday3pm - 4pm2.14WeeklyAll
Graphics ClubWednesdayLunchtime4.07Red Week10 and 11
Guitar ClubWednesday3pm - 4pmPractice RoomWeeklyAll
History Film ClubThursday1.30pm - 2pm2.01Weekly7, 8 and 9
Italian ClubThursdayLunchtimeL.02Weekly10 and 11
KS3 Drama ClubWednesdayLunchtimeDrama StudioWeekly7, 8 and 9
KS3 Drumming GroupTuesday3pm - 3.30pmG.02WeeklyAll
KS4 Drumming GroupTuesdayLunchtimeG.02Weekly10 and 11
KS4 MasterclassFridayLunchtimeDrama StudioWeekly10 and 11
Oldham ColiseumThursday3pm - 4pmDrama StudioWeeklyTBC
Philosophy ClubTuesdayLunchtime2.06WeeklyAll
Pop ChoirFriday1.25pm - 1.55pmG.02WeeklyAll
Retro Gaming ClubFridayLunchtime4.02WeeklyAll
Rock BandThursday3pm - 4pmMusic RoomWeeklyAll
Salsa ClubMonday12.30pm - 1pmDance StudioWeeklyAll
School BandWednesdayLunchtimeG.02WeeklyAll
School BandThursday3pm - 4.30pmG.02WeeklyAll
School ProductionMonday3pm - 5pmDrama StudioWeeklyAll
School ProductionThursday3pm - 5pmDrama StudioWeeklyAll
School Production - Dance RehearsalsWednesdayLunchtimeDance StudioRed WeekAll
Spanish Film ClubWednesdayLunchtimeL.02WeeklyAll
Trivia and Quiz ClubWednesday1.30pm - 1.55pm2.03WeeklyAll
Whizz Bang Science ClubTuesday13.25pm - 13.50pm3.07Weekly7 and 8
Writing ClubTuesday3pm - 4pm2.09Weekly8, 9 and 10
Year 10 and 11 Dance ClubFridayLunchtimeDance StudioWeekly10 and 11
Year 10 Volleyball (Boys & Girls)WednesdayLunchtimeSports HallWeekly10
Year 11 Badminton (Exam Group Only)ThursdayLunchtimeSports HallRed Week11
Year 11 Volleyball and Badminton (Exam Grp Only)FridayLunchtimeSports HallWeekly11
Year 7 & 8 Book ClubTBCTBCTBCTBC7 and 8
Year 7 and 8 Basketball (Boys & Girls)ThursdayLunchtimeSports HallBlue Week7 and 8
Year 7 and 8 Dance ClubThursday3pm - 4pmDance StudioWeekly7 and 8
Year 7 BandWednesday3pm - 4pmG.02Weekly7
Year 7 FootballWednesdayLunchtimeAstroWeekly7
Year 7 Jass Silver AwardMonday3pm - 4pmG.01Weekly7
Year 7, 8 & 9 Netball (all welcome)TuesdayLunchtimeSports HallWeekly7, 8 and 9
Year 7, 8 & 9 Netball (team only)MondayLunchtimeSports HallWeekly7, 8 and 9
Year 7, 8 and 9 Girls FootballTuesday3pm - 4pmAstroWeekly7, 8 and 9
Year 8 & 9 Football (team only)Wednesday3pm - 4pmAstroWeekly8 and 9
Year 8 FootballMondayLunchtimeAstroWeekly8
Year 8 Jass Silver & Gold AwardThursdayLunchtimeG.014 weekly8
Year 9 Dance ClubWednesdayLunchtimeDance StudioBlue Week9
Year 9 DofE BronzeThursdayLunchtimeG.014 weekly9
Year 9 FootballThursdayLunchtimeAstroWeekly9
Young Reporters ClubWednesdayLunchtimeLibraryWeekly9 and 10
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