Co Curricular / Electives

The Co-Curriculum at Mossley Hollins

At Mossley Hollins we value the development of positive character traits as much as we value academic development.

Our co-curricular programme has developed to now include a vast number of clubs and activities.

The increased number and wider diversity of enrichment activities enable all students to participate in the programme.

Every faculty offers enrichment experiences many of which are new to the programme. We are proud that all new staff since September 2021 offer an activity as part of the programme.

Our elective programme was introduced in 2022 and is a programme for all year 7 students. This is a great example of what makes Mossley Hollins different in a hugely positive way to most other schools. Every year 7 student before starting at Mossley Hollins elects for an activity to participate in after school for one hour each Monday afternoon from 3.00pm – 4.00pm. The choice is wide and varied from 3 broad areas which are niche sports, performing arts and outdoor education. We very much hope that having participated in a weekly activity our year 7 students will continue with this beyond year 7.

Co-Curricular Clubs 2023-24

Co-Curricular ClubsDayStaffStart DateWhenWhereFrequencyYear Group
Advanced Maths ClubMondayMr Frost11th SeptemberLunch3.04WeeklyYear 10/11
Board GamesEverydayMs Harrison11th SeptemberLunch2.09EverydayYear 10
Cookery ClubTuesdayMrs Duncan19th September3.15pm4.05WeeklyYear 7
CREST Silver AwardThursdayMiss Lea14th SeptemberLunch3.07WeeklyYear 9
Design & Make ClubTuesdayMiss Heapey26th September3.00pm4.03Weekly (6 weekblock)Year 8
Duke of EdFridayMr Howarth Lunch2.05WeeklyYears 9 & 10
French ClubWednesdayMrs Doodson13th SeptemberLunchL.03WeeklyAll
Games ClubFridayMiss Padgett15th SeptemberLunchL.02WeeklyAll
Geography ClubFridayMrs Motteram15th SeptemberLunch2.03 Year 7
Knitting ClubThursdayMrs Matthews21st SeptemberLunch2.1WeeklyAll
Pokemon ClubTuesdayMr Stevens12th SeptemberLunchL.02WeeklyAll
Retro GamingFridayMr Chalmers15th SeptemberLunch4.02WeeklyAll
Sign Language ClubMondayMiss Montero18th SeptemberLunchL.01WeeklyAll
Spanish Film ClubFridayMrs Chapman15th SeptemberLunchL.01WeeklyAll
Writing, Acting & Directing for ScreenFridayMiss Barclay15th SeptemberLunch2.12WeeklyAll
Year 7 FootballMondayMr Doodson/Mr Miller11th SeptemberLunchAstroWeeklyYear 7
Year 7 & 8 NetballMondayMrs Dodd11th SeptemberLunchSports HallWeeklyYear 7 & 8
Year 8 Football Team practiceTuesdayMr Doodson/Mr Miller12th SeptemberLunchAstroWeeklyYear 8
Year 9, 10 & 11 NetballTuesdayMrs Dodd12th SeptemberLunchSports HallWeeklyYrs 9, 10 & 11
Year 10 DanceTuesdayMiss Shaw12th SeptemberLunchDance StudioWeeklyYear 10
Years 7, 8 & 9 BasketballTuesdayMr Doodson12th September3pmSports HallWeeklyYrs 7, 8 & 9
Year 7, 8 & 9 Dance ClubTuesdayMiss Shaw12th September3pmDance StudioWeeklyYrs 7, 8 & 9
Years 7, 8 & 9 Girls FootballTuesdayMr Hussain12th September3pmAstroWeeklyYrs 7, 8 & 9
Year 9 Football team practiceWednesdayMr Miller13th SeptemberLunchAstroWeeklyYear 9
Years 8 & 9 FootballWednesdayMr Doodson/Mr Miller13th September3pmAstroWeeklyYrs 8 & 9
Year 11 GCSE PE VolleyballThursdayMrs Dodd/Mr Miller14th SeptemberLunchSports HallWeeklyYear 11
Year 11 GCSE PE Table TennisThursdayMr Doodson14th SeptemberLunchSports HallWeeklyYear 11
Year 11 DanceThursdayMiss Shaw14th SeptemberLunchDance StudioWeeklyYear 11
Year 7 FootballThursdayMr Irving14th September3pmAstroWeeklyYear 7
Year 10 & 11 Girls FootballFridayMr Miller15th SeptemberLunchSports HallWeeklyYears 10 & 11
Year 11 BTEC Sport Table TennisFridayMr Doodson15th SeptemberLunchSports HallWeeklyYear 11
School Production - ChoralMondayMrs Ryan18th September3pmG.03WeeklyAll
School Production - Principle CharactersMondayMrs Ryan18th September4pmG.03WeeklyAll
School  Production - Principle CharactersTuesdayMrs Ryan19th September3pmG.03WeeklyAll
KS3 Drama ClubWednesdayMrs Ryan20th SeptemberLunchG.03WeeklyYrs 7 - 9
KS4 Master ClassesTuesdayMrs Ryan`19th SeptemberLunchG.03WeeklyYrs 10 - 11
Pop ChoirFridayMiss Lundberg/Mr Jones22nd SeptemberLunchG.02WeeklyAll
School Brass BandWednesdayMiss Lundberg13th SeptemberLunchG.02WeeklyAll
School Brass BandThursdayMiss Lundberg13th September3pmG.02WeeklyAll
Break Choir   BreaktimeG.02WeeklyAll
Percussion EnsembleTuesdayMr Montgomery26th SeptemberLunchG.02WeeklyAll
Year 7 Brass BandWednesdayMr Evans20th September3pmG.02WeeklyYear 7
Guitar GroupTBCMr Pennington TBCTBCTBCTBC
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