Excelling in Top Sets

Our able students are identified and given appropriately challenging targets. In lessons, teacher planning is aimed at stretching the most able students whilst supporting the needs of individuals. The level of challenge has increased significantly over recent years with the reform of the GCSEs in all subjects. This increase has been seen at all Key Stages and students are arriving from primary school with a higher starting point than in previous years. Teachers plan lessons to have high challenge and have high expectations of all students, especially the most able. Students should expect to be stretched and challenged and be prepared to be held to account if they are not meeting our high expectations.

As our links with the Mossley Carrbrook Schools Partnership (MCSP) continue to strengthen, our provision and collaborative planning will only continue to support the progress of all students but especially the most able. High Order Thinking [HOT] mathematics has been a real success over the last three years and will continue in 2022-23. The most able year 6 students from our partner primary schools have a secondary school lesson at Mossley Hollins once a week. These HOT maths lessons have focused on the mastery topics, ensuring that these students have a greater depth of understanding which they can then develop further, here, at Mossley Hollins.

In mathematics, top sets are entered into the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Challenges at the appropriate levels.  In year 11 the top set students are offered the opportunity to study the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths alongside their GCSE. The extra content, from AS and A Level involved supports their GCSE and also prepares students for post-16 maths qualifications.

In English, year 7 able students will be immersed in 19th Century fiction and further stretched to enhance their writing craft through the exploration of a challenging range of written styles. A love for reading, widely, is promoted and the discovery of high calibre Literary texts is strongly encouraged. 

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