Newsflash – Friday 4th December 2020

Message from Mrs Din

End of Term Arrangements

As always, we intend to use our time in school wisely prior to Christmas and lessons will continue right up until the last day. On Friday, 18 th December 2020, we intend to close for the Christmas holidays at approximately 12 noon. Whilst we are not able to hold our traditional carol service, we aim to have a shortened virtual Christmas service. Given the challenges that we have all faced this term, we thought it would be nice to end the term with a Virtual Christmas Panto for years 7-10. In order to make this possible, we are asking for a small contribution of 50p per child. Year 11 will have normal lessons from P1-2 and will then be able to go home at this point. Years 7-10 will have P1-2 as normal and will have the Virtual Panto during P4, followed by a short virtual Christmas Service before leaving school at around 12.15pm.

Arrangements for the Start of the New Term

As you know already, students begin the new term on Tuesday 5 th January 2021. Lesson 1 begins promptly at 8:45 a.m. The New Year begins for staff on the Monday 4 th January 2020 with our In-service Training Day (INSET). This day will be used to improve our teaching and to explore strategies to further increase student progress for all year groups.

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