Newsflash – Friday 13th November 2020

Message from Mr. Marshall

Health and Safety Executive Visit School

On Tuesday, we hosted a visit from the National Health & Safety Executive and the Tameside Health & Safety Lead to review our COVID 19 risk assessments and to view the safety measures and procedures currently in place in school. I am delighted to inform everyone that the visit went extremely well. In his summary, the HSE lead made the following observations:

  • The visit was very, very positive.
  • The risk assessment is high quality and is well implemented.
  • The zoning system is high quality and makes the best use of the spaces we have.
  • The use of coloured lanyards to denote different year groups and rainbow lanyards for those exempt from wearing a face mask is incredibly clear and he will recommend this in other schools he visits.
  • We make very effective and safe use of halls and studio for dining.
  • There are well embedded procedures for sanitising hands and surfaces in every lesson.
  • All teaching areas are well laid out with good ventilation.
  • Cleaners were visibly cleaning touchpoints throughout the visit.
  • PE are doing a really good job in ensuring the children do not miss out on vital exercise despite the limitations.
  • The designated toilets for each zone, with clear in and out directions, is excellent practice.
  • There was very impressive dispersal of students at the end of the lessons
  • Children were very well behaved around school and responding well to the new regime. There were some very small areas where he made verbal suggestions for improvement that have now been actioned.

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