Revision – BTEC Dance

A student’s Dance teacher should be the first point of contact for advice or support on learning materials that have been covered in class.

Written Paper Breakdown

Exam Paper Content

Section A:

  • Hypothetical Choreography questions – poems, pictures, quotations, sculptures e.t.c.
  • Technical Skills
  • Expressive Skills
  • Mental Skills
  • Physical skills
  • Dance technique application, safe application of movement

Section B:

  • Analysis of your own performances and choreography
  • The rehearsal process
  • The choreographic performance

Section C:

  • 6 Professional works – A Linha Curva, Infra, Within her Eyes, Emancipation of Expressionism, Shadows and Artificial Things
  • Their similarities and Differences
  • Intention and understanding using costume, set design, lighting, props, music and movement
  • Your opinion of the works sucess

GCSE Dance Anthology for Analysis- Full Dances and Interviews with the Choreographers

Video available to view using the link below:

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