Newsflash – Thursday 28th November 2019

On Friday, 22nd November, I was again privileged to join our local Community Police Officers on their area patrol around Mossley, Micklehurst and Carrbrook. Working with PC Martin Dench and his PCSO colleagues Karl and Wayne, I was able to experience the role that these important people have in keeping our town safe and secure. On this occasion, we were also joined by Tony Bugby, reporter from the Mossley Correspondent. During the patrol, I was delighted to meet several young people, both current and former pupils of Mossley Hollins High School. On each occasion, their manners were excellent. They showed a genuine interest in why I was there, speaking politely to myself and the Police Officers about their activities. Unfortunately, there is a report in the local press that there has been some antisocial behaviour in our village during the past few weeks. I am pleased to say that this was not my experience on Friday and Mr Bugby witnessed for himself our young people perfectly demonstrating the Mossley Hollins way. We are proud of our community and as a school will continue to support the important work of the Police Service. Please help them by remaining aware of where your children are during evenings and at weekends to ensure that they are safe and well behaved, just like the children I met on Friday. Mr Marshall



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