Newsflash – Friday 6th December 2019

End of Term Arrangements

We intend to use our time in school wisely prior to Christmas and lessons will continue right up until the last day. On Friday, 20th December 2019, we intend to close for the Christmas holidays at approximately 12 noon, following our annual Carol Service. This is a very formal, traditional event and is one of the few occasions in the whole year where our year groups assemble together. The event marks the start of the Christmas holiday and is a very special time in school. This event is not compulsory for Year 11, but students are very welcome to join us if they wish. Year 11 students who do not wish to stay for the Carol Service may go home after lesson 2.

Arrangements for the Start of the New Term

As you know already, students begin the new term on Tuesday 7th January 2020. Lesson 1 begins promptly at 8:45 a.m. The New Year begins for staff on the Monday 6th January 2020 with our In-service Training Day (INSET). This day will be used to improve our teaching and to explore strategies to further increase student progress for all year groups.

Weather: School Closure Provisions

As we move into the winter period it is worth reminding ourselves of the procedures around extreme weather and the arrangements we put in place to safeguard the students in the event of disruption to school.
We know how disruptive school closure can be to families. Please be reassured that the education of the students is sacrosanct and we will only take the decision to close the school when careful risk assessment shows that to remain open could jeopardise their health and safety.

Please find more information about the school closure provisions on the school website:

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