Newsflash Friday 3rd April 2020

Letter to All Students & Parents from Mr Duncan, Our Executive Headteacher

Dear Students, Parents, Carers, Staff, Governors & Partners at Droylsden Academy and Mossley Hollins High School, As I write (Thursday 2nd April) I am listening to the BBC. The situation is grave around the world. In the UK we are told the situation remains very serious and is to get worse before it gets better. Rarely, if ever, have we cherished as much, the kinship of family or the support of friends, colleagues and our students in both schools. Never before, in my 18 years at Hollins or 5 years at Droylsden, have I witnessed such a difficult time. In such unique times, our staff will now carry letters and school identity cards with us for the police, if we need to travel to and from the workplace. As schools, we are an essential part of a huge national effort, led by those in the National Health Service. What we can do for you at this time is dwarfed by the concerns many of you have. I am being told of the illness and passing away of loved ones, the loss of jobs or earnings and the anxiety of isolation or, conversely, cramped households for our families and our staff.

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