Newsflash – Friday 27th November 2020

Covid 19 Update

How to contact school in the event of a confirmed case from your child

We have a number of children who are currently self-isolating, having been identified as contacts of children who have tested positive. I wanted to confirm that we are confident that these cases are not linked in school and that have come from community transmission.

Please see below for the letter from Mr Marshall, which was sent at the beginning of September, which highlights the procedure for informing school if your child has a positive result following a Covid test. Please ensure that you use the correct email address to help us to respond as quickly as possible, particularly at the weekend. We cannot guarantee that emails sent to specific members of staff outside of school hours will be read.

How students self isolating (but not unwell) must ‘attend’ school from home

It is absolutely vital that children engage with their learning at home to avoid them falling behind their peers. The attached grid shows what work you should expect if your child is self-isolating. You will see that classroom teachers are working really hard to provide good quality teaching to allow students to carry on with their learning at home. We expect children to get up and dressed as they would do if they were coming into the building and to engage in their learning by accessing each of their classes via TEAMS. If your child is not able to do this due to a lack of appropriate technology, please get in touch with your child’s head of year in the first instance, so that we can help to resolve this. If students do not engage with the learning, we will record this as a Nuhope on our system to allow us to track their engagement

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