Newsflash Friday 1st May 2020

Message from Mr Marshall Staying healthy during lockdown

I hope everyone is remaining safe and well and coping with the ongoing lockdown. It’s incredibly hard for everyone at the moment, especially being separated from friends and wider family, and I know that this will cause stress and anxiety for many families and young people. Please remember that the school remains committed to supporting our students and community through this situation. Pease do not hesitate to contact us should you need support, advice or just to speak. There are also some excellent resources here that may be helpful. During such times, it is important that we provide structure for our children and I hope that the daily routine we are providing is helping in this regard. Do not forget, the students should be logging onto their accounts every morning and, as far as possible, completing the work set for that day. That way, they will maintain a sense of purpose and pride in their achievements, as well as staying on top of the work and not feeling ‘bogged down’ by leaving everything until submission deadlines. Furthermore, they will not fall behind their classmates and will feel much more confident when we return to school.

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