Newsflash – Friday 19th July 2019

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents / Carers,

As we celebrated the exceptional achievements of our young people at the recent PRIDE and Learning Awards I was reminded once again what an exceptional group of young people I serve and what a privilege it is to do so. Their achievement both in and out of school make me immensely proud and I would like to thank all parents and carers for your incredible support during the academic year 2018-19.

Thank you once again for ensuring that we have outstanding attendance in the top 10% of all schools nationally. We all know how important regular attendance at school is to a child’s education. Even a day’s lost learning can mean that vital instruction is missed which will affect subsequent learning. We look forward to working with you next year to maintain the excellent attendance of our students.

When I see our students coming into school, I am proud of their smartness and presentation. This is something that we wish to maintain. Of course, we will be insisting on nothing less in the new school year when we welcome our new Year 7 cohort. Full information about uniform expectations is available on our website. Please help us to ensure that not a minute of learning is lost because of students not meeting our high expectations as we begin the new school year in September.

Thank you for the warm messages of support and thanks that we receive throughout the year and just as importantly, thank you for taking the time to point out where things have not been as good as they could be. There will, of course, be times when we don’t get it right but please rest assured that we will do all that can to ensure that we do even better next year and your constructive feedback is welcomed.

Please refer to my previous letter, available on the website, which contains a great deal of information about changes we have made to improve our systems and routines next year.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish our students a great summer holiday. We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019.

  • Year 11 GCSE results day Thursday 22nd August from 9.00am

  • Staff will be back in school Monday 2nd September

  • Pupils will be back in school on Tuesday 3rd September

  • Students in Year 7 should arrive in school no later than 8:30am.

  • Students in Year 8-11 should arrive in school no later than 9:40am.

Best wishes,

Mr Marshall


Huddersfield Road, Mossley,
Ashton-Under-Lyne OL5 9DP
T: 01457 832491