Mossley and Carrbrook Partnership – Newsletter – Summer 2019

Welcome to the Annual Mossley and Carrbrook Partnership Newsletter.
It is with tremendous pride and pleasure that I introduce the 2019 Edition of our Partnership Newsletter.
As you know, six partner primary schools and one secondary school from Mossley and Carrbrook (please see the logos above for the list of all schools) collaborate to bring education to the front-and-centre of life in our wonderful town and village.
In this edition, you will see a flavour of the learning, wider curriculum and enrichment activities our students and staff undertake beyond the classroom. We believe that our schools are strong and are even stronger when we work together in the service of the local community and for the purposes of learning. The newsletter does not report on the myriad staff training, teaching collaboration, curriculum development and leadership activity undertaken across the schools to ensure that the very best of what is done is shared and improved.
I would like to thank the governors, headteachers, deputies, teachers, support staff and pupils in all our partnership schools for a wonderful year. My thanks, especially, go to our MCSP Partnerships’ Manager, Mrs Desirae Webster, for her immense enthusiasm and organisational talent which make possible so much of what you are about to read.


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